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Connect with young professionals working to enhance financial services and redefine how we bank, pay, and play in the new digital era. Learn more about Detroit area financial technology and banking scene and see how to get involved.

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Detroit is a growing tech hub with a large startup scene. Its reputation is quickly becoming comparable to Silicon Valley. Apple’s first U.S.-based developer academy is located in Detroit, where students are learning coding, design, entrepreneurship, and additional professional skills to help them start careers in the apps economy. More than 100,000 people also work in business and finance occupations in metro Detroit, making it a strong and growing industry. With the tech field becoming more intertwined in all industries, the FinTech scene in Detroit is growing as financial,  technology, and business leaders come together to improve systems and create better outcomes for regional business’ bottom line. Get more engaged in technology and finance fields by connecting to the organizations and people here.

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