Let’s Detroit is a connector. Detroit is a big region and we want to make it easier for people to connect with communities, professional networks, fun things to do and provide ways to make a positive impact. There are amazing people, organizations and initiatives that exist in these areas, so our goal is to point you in their direction to make living in the Detroit region easier and more fulfilling. But it’s not us telling people what to do. Let’s Detroit is about connecting people to each other, sharing what you love and helping others find their fit across the Detroit region. Our platform is made up of three parts all working toward that goal:

The website – The Let’s Detroit website highlights our four priorities in connecting you to the region – finding your place, growing your network, exploring and making an impact. In each area, we share resources and events and profile local experts who can help you connect to your interests and priorities.

Text a Detroiter  – This is a first-of-its-kind tool that allows anyone in the world to talk to Detroiters. You can ask questions you have about the region in a personalized and direct way. Use Text a Detroiter to get responses straight to your phone. You can also sign up to answer questions as a Texting Ambassador for the topics you care about to help others experience our region.

Social media – Let’s Detroit, like Detroit, is constantly changing and growing. Our social media is the best way for you to keep up with all of our new content and engage with Let’s Detroit on a regular basis. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get a daily perspective on the places, events and organizations that our ambassadors and collaborators share on the site.


Finally, Let’s Detroit is a work in progress. If there are ways Let’s Detroit could be more helpful, authentic or impactful, let us know. We’re all in this together so let’s be supportive, patient, collaborative and innovative. We can’t do this without you.


Let’s Detroit is a strategy of the Detroit Regional Chamber, and a whole host of collaborators across the region, as part of its Detroit Drives Degrees initiative. Detroit Drives Degrees’ goal is to increase the region’s postsecondary attainment rate to 60 percent, and to reduce the equity gap by half, by 2030. The Chamber and partners launched Let’s Detroit to help achieve these goals and drive relationship-building, regional collaboration, social mobility and equity across Southeast Michigan. Let’s Detroit is one small aspect of this work and our goals are to:

  1. Keep talent in Southeast Michigan;
  2. Increase retention of recent Michigan college graduates;
  3. Improve the perception of Southeast Michigan business globally to the region is known as a great place with innovative businesses that care about talent development and community impact.

The creation of Let’s Detroit has been generously funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Labor and Economic Opportunity department of Michigan.


Let’s Detroit is a tool for businesses across the region. By talking to our members, we learned that it’s still challenging to recruit people to the region because of negative perceptions. Let’s Detroit can be a tool for HR professionals, recruiters and relocation experts in order to shine an authentic and positive light on the region and help people quickly get connected to their community.

Regional businesses are encouraged to get involved with Let’s Detroit and engage with the next generation of leaders. Partnership opportunities offer 12 months of engagement and exposure through the website, texting function, events and social media platforms. Contact Katherine Brown at kbrown@detroitchamber.com for more information.


Our website and Text a Detroiter function was built by the incredible AMBR Detroit team. They’re brilliant, hard working, creative and mission-driven people who took the ideas of so many people and made Let’s Detroit a reality. If you need a developer, we know who to call.




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