Margo Dalal

Director | Detroit Community Wealth Fund

Margo Dalal
My story

I am an Indian American from Virginia and have lived and worked across Detroit for 5 years. I founded three non profits in this city, including the Detroit Kite Festival. I also give loans to support cooperative businesses in Detroit with Detroit Community Wealth Fund. I have an MSW from the University of Michigan and I live in Poletown.

how I got started

I developed my non profit after learning about a unique type of non-extractive lending happening in New York. I knew it would make an impact in Detroit and formed a non-extractive loan fund here.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

I really like my work that incorporates grassroots clues but also has an economic impact as well. I’m particularly interested in projects that can reach wide audiences beyond Detroit and have been very successful in bringing Detroiters and the suburbs together through my projects.

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