Go-To Places in Metro Detroit

Jocelyn Szymanski

As a college student at Oakland University, I always try to find new places to explore for different occasions and take my family and friends to. Here are some of my go-to places to study, grab a quick bite to eat during the day, or even explore the exotic nightlife Metro Detroit offers.

Jocelyn is a 2022 Let’s Detroit Campus Ambassador.

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    Bakehouse 46

    Bakehouse 46 - South Main Street, Rochester MI

    Bakehouse 46 is a coffee and bakery located on the main street in Rochester. While this is not the shop's only location in Metro Detroit, it is one of my favorite places to study. They have fantastic bagel sandwich choices to go with your coffee, and of course, you cannot forget to grab a cupcake. Bakehouse 46 also partnered with Blake's Apple Orchard, so they always have free cider and different Blake's merchandise you can pick up as well!

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    Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea Troy City Center

    Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea Troy City Center - City Center, West Big Beaver Road Troy

    Another great studying place or just another place to grab a quick drink and snack is Sweetwaters. Like Bakehouse 46, they have multiple locations. Sweetwaters is known for its unique and creative drinks with great prices – perfect for students, especially during the dreaded finals week.

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    Rochester Brunch House

    Rochester Brunch House - Walnut Boulevard, Rochester MI

    Brunch is a significant part of my life, and finding aesthetic and great tasting places is a must-have for me. The Rochester Brunch House is one of those places. With the inside of the restaurant being very modern and aesthetically pleasing, it is a great place to take pictures with friends and family. It also has excellent food, making it a go-to for my friends and me. My favorite is the Nutella crepes!

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    Vinny's Brunch

    Vinny's Brunch - Hall Road, Clinton Township MI

    If you are looking for a more family-oriented brunch place, Vinny's should meet your needs. Like Rochester Brunch House, they have excellent options for breakfast or lunch. Plus, Vinny's has terrific ice coffee (and you know how rare it is for places to have good iced coffee)! It is never watered down, and you can customize it by picking a flavor and adding whipped cream, which you obviously should because it makes the drink!

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    Bread & Roses

    Bread & Roses - Van Dyke Avenue, Shelby Township MI

    I was recently introduced to Bread and Roses by my aunt, but once again, it is another place I now crave all the time. My favorite thing to get from there is the avocado toast. The multigrain toast is topped with avocado, arugula, pickled onions, chili flakes, and your choice of two eggs. It is so delicious, and it has to be the best avocado toast that I've had in my life.

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    Jams Restaurant & Bar - Hayes Road, Shelby Township MI

    Jams is the perfect place to get brunch or go out at night for dinner. They have burgers and fries and a bar with delicious drinks for those 21+. They also have a cute area to take pictures near the bathroom.

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    Dessert Oasis

    Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters Detroit - Griswold Street, Detroit MI

    Dessert Oasis is another coffee shop, and it's one of the best places to meet people. They have live music and fantastic cheesecake that they serve at night. If you are not into live music, it is quieter in the morning when they first open if you want to study.

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    Volcano Sushi

    Volcano Sushi - Hall Road, Shelby Township MI

    There are many different places to get sushi in the area, but Volcano will always be the best. Being a smaller place, it is excellent for a quick bite with the best rolls. My favorite thing to order is a Philadelphia roll with a house salad and miso soup, and you cannot forget about getting mochi afterward.

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    The Fed

    The Fed Community - South Main Street, Clarkston MI

    Now getting into more of the nightlife, The Fed is incredible at night. The lights and plants dangling from the ceiling create a vibe that I have not experienced at any other restaurant. The upstairs is more family-friendly, while the downstairs is strictly a bar. Even though it is slightly expensive, most of their dishes are shareable, making it very easy to share a few things with friends. I like this mainly because it lets you try new things; for instance, I tried octopus for the first time there, and it was surprisingly delicious.

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    Jim Brady's

    Jim Brady's Detroit - South Main Street, Royal Oak MI

    Jim Brady's is similar to The Fed; it is a great place to meet up with friends, grab food, and get drinks at the bar. They also have an adorable women's bathroom that is Instagram-worthy. I do not want to spoil it. You have to check it out for yourself!

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    Mainstreet Billiards

    Main Street Billiards - South Main Street, Rochester MI

    If you are looking for more of a sports bar/club to go to, Billiards is the place. With their fantastic bar food and tons of games available, it is a great place to meet friends. The downfall is that they get busy at night and on weekends, so you have to get there early if you want to rent out a pool table. After 9 p.m., it turns into a club for those over the age of 21.

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    The Whitney

    The Whitney - Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI

    I saved the best for last: The Whitney, or what I'd call my favorite restaurant in Detroit. It is the most expensive option on this list, but they have the best menu during any time of day. When you're there, you also have to explore the building. They have a Ghost Bar on the third floor for the nighttime, which is supposedly one of the best in Detroit. If you become a member of The Whitney, you can also attend their events throughout the year, the majority of which are hosted in their garden.

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