Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

Varunika Savla

Living in Midtown Detroit has offered me so many opportunities to explore the city and food. While being a vegetarian makes it a little difficult to find good places to eat because a lot of reviews talk about the popular dishes which usually include meat, I’ve taken time to source some great places out, both in Detroit and in nearby cities.

Here is a list of places to eat that are vegetarian or vegan friendly and some of my recommended orders!

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    Supino Pizzeria

    Supino Pizzeria - Russell Street, Detroit MI

    This place has vegan and multiple vegetarian pizza options. I tried their funghi and jess pizzas, and I definitely recommend trying them. It was probably my first time ordering a vegan pizza, and I did not miss the cheese! The next time you are at or near Eastern Market, don’t forget to get yourself a pizza from here.

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    Estia - Greek Street Food

    Estia Greek Street Food - Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe Woods MI

    I had my first ever gyro here, and I was not disappointed! They had a vegetarian option and a variety of dressings to add to the gyro. Their signature gyros are great to try if it’s your first time since you don’t have to choose the toppings. Because it was my first time, it was difficult for me to decide from all the options, but I’m looking forward to coming here again to try more!

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    Ottava Via

    Ottava Via - Michigan Avenue, Detroit MI

    Want to dress up and get dinner somewhere authentic and nice? Ottava Via might be just what you're looking for. They are an Italian fine dining restaurant with must-try vegetarian pasta dishes. I have been here on multiple occasions, and not only do I love the food, but also the aesthetic!

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    Spread Detroit

    Spread Detroit - Cass Avenue, Detroit MI

    If you ever find yourself near Wayne State University or in Midtown Detroit, go to Spread Detroit and try their vegetarian grilled caprese! It was so filling and well made! They also have crispy pickle spears, which I had never tried before and unexpectedly enjoyed.

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    Condado Tacos

    Condado Tacos - South Main Street, Royal Oak MI

    If you love Mexican food, Condado Tacos is the place to go. They have vegetarian and vegan options, and their tacos are made with soft and hard shells, which will leave you satisfied. The interior of the restaurant is also pretty relaxed and is a great place to hang out with friends and grab a drink.

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    Kuma Boba

    Kuma Boba (Bubble Tea) - 15 Mile Road, Sterling Heights MI

    I tried this cute little cafe recently, and I am definitely going back. Other than the great boba tea, which is served in mason jars, I tried the boba sandwich which was the cutest thing ever. If you have a sweet tooth and love tapioca, you will love it! It is a great place to come and catch up with a friend or to sit and study.

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