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Detroit - Woodbridge

Woodbridge is a primarily residential neighborhood with a growing number of art institutions, outdoor spaces, and trendy dining and drinking spots.

Homes in Woodbridge Neighborhood

Woodbridge is a proud and active Detroit community with a rich and culturally diverse past that is still prominent today. Victorian homes line the streets of the quiet tree-filled neighborhood, known for its community-centered, friendly residents.

Welcome to Woodbridge Mural

Photo: Woodbridge Neighborhood Development

A few minutes from Downtown, New Center, and Midtown, Woodbridge is continually evolving. While primarily a residential neighborhood with many large historic homes, the area is also home to a growing number of art institutions, including 4731 Gallery and the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, a non-profit established to foster and promote the link between contemporary arts and contemporary society. The Trumbullplex holds avant-garde theater accented with political activism and Alley Culture is a performance space entered through an alley off Willis and has featured the work of local and national visual artists. The neighborhood also houses the quirky Woodbridge Bicycle Garden, a community space dotted with cycling-inspired sculptures.  The community of Zen Buddhists at Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple welcomes people from all walks of life and faiths to Sunday meetings, retreats, and workshops.

Trendy dining and drinking spots, from pizzerias to easygoing bars and a Japanese izakaya, are scattered across the area.

Woodbridge Pub Exterior

Woodbridge’s rich history is still celebrated today with the annual Home and Garden Tour held in September. The tour gives the public a firsthand view of the neighborhood and the colorful residents that continue to shape its history.

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