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Detroit - Corktown

The oldest surviving neighborhood in the city, Corktown is a tight-knit community landmarked by Michigan Central Station.

Corktown, the oldest surviving neighborhood in Detroit, is located just west of Downtown. It’s a tight-knit community filled with Victorian-era homes, many of which have been beautifully restored in a variety of colors. Signs are posted around Corktown emblazoned proudly with the numbers “1834,” which some say refers to County Cork and pays tribute to the many Irish immigrants that were the first to call the neighborhood home.

Corktown 1834 Sign

Today, Corktown is a trendy, youthful area that has still retained its historic charm. The neighborhood offers housing options from the many restored single-family homes to new, mixed-use apartment developments. Corktown is the epicenter of Detroit’s restaurant surge and home to some of its most beloved bars (both old and new). The neighborhood is easily navigated on foot or bike, with streets lined with thrift stores, quirky boutiques, secondhand record and bookstores, coffee shops, intimate live-music venues, and popular after-hours locations.

Metropolis Bike Shop & Repair

Astro Coffee

North Corktown is a quieter counterpart to the growing Michigan Ave. Business District, but is still full of parks and green spaces, public art installations, and one of the city’s oldest bars.

Corktown’s resurgence is best exemplified in Ford’s purchase and renovation of the beloved Detroit landmark, Michigan Central Station. The station will be a hub for Ford’s future mobility research and will house 5,000 Ford and supplier firm employees at the station and in nearby buildings.

Michigan Central Station Exterior

The Corner Ballpark sits on the site of the former Tigers Stadium and is now a gathering place for the community. The result of a fundraising campaign by the non-profit Detroit PAL, the field is used for football, soccer, concerts, and movie nights.

The Corner Ballpark

The Corktown Business Association, in partnership with the many small businesses in the neighborhood, holds the Annual Corktown Aglow to celebrate the holiday season with family-friendly festivities, including time with Santa and a tree-lighting ceremony.

Corktown Aglow

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