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Detroit - Brush Park

Once known as "Little Paris," Brush Park is one of the oldest historic neighborhoods in Detroit.

Brush Park - The Ransom Gillis House Turret

Established in 1860, Brush Park is one of the oldest historic neighborhoods in Detroit. It encompasses twenty-four blocks, bounded by Mack Avenue on the north, Woodward Avenue on the west, Beaubien Street on the east, and the Fisher Freeway on the south.

Originally developed as an upscale residential neighborhood, the neighborhood became home to dozens of Victorian mansions, dubbing the community “Little Paris” due to its elegant architecture.

Brush Park -The Inn at 97 Winder

Photo: Brush Park CDC

In recent history, no other neighborhood in Detroit has experienced as much residential development as Brush Park. The rapid growth of the neighborhood led to the restoration of many original mansions and the proposed construction of several luxury apartment and condominium buildings, including Bedrock’s City Modern project. Currently the largest development underway in Brush Park, the project will bring over 400 new residential units to the neighborhood.

Brush park City Modern Development Illustration

Photo: Bush Park Development Corporation

Brush Park is centrally located in Detroit and offers convenient access to local boutiques, markets, and restaurants. Neighborhood residents established the Brush Park Community Development Corporation, which regularly hosts events such as the Annual Holiday Party, Summer Gatherings, and neighborhood beautification days.

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