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Flint’s new start up “100k Ideas” is expanding entrepreneurial opportunities in Michigan

Blog post by Bronwyn Lipka

In the summer of 2019, I got a job at an entrepreneurial hub in the center of Flint, Michigan called 100K Ideas. ​Being new to the Flint community I had no idea what my time at 100K Ideas would bring. In my time there, I began to better understand the strength behind Flint. This community of fervent individuals contains a deep passion for creative and positive change. ​I believe that any entrepreneur looking for help should consider this a powerful tool and resource.

100K Ideas is a Flint based non profit organization that helps big thinkers move their idea from a napkin sketch and turn them into businesses. Their name, 100K Ideas, comes from the fact that there are approximately 100,000 people in Flint. If they got one idea from every person in Flint, we could change the world. Their​ m​ission is to relieve the innovator of the entrepreneurial burden because they recognize that entrepreneurship can be difficult. With a community of student professionals, they vet entrepreneurial ideas to provide a helping hand in business development to anyone regardless of their prior experience or background. Their process begins with an assessment binder that helps give information on starting a business. It’s not quite a business plan but it provides key insights on target markets, trends, competitors, and so much more. Once you get an assessment binder you can take “Next Steps” which include: logo creation, CAD drawing, creation of hobotypes/prototypes, test sales, supply chain research, and many more!

What drew me to this company was the impact that they were creating within their community and how far that impact was reaching. Supporting companies that have positive goals similar to mine is very important to me. My role as the Graphic Designer / Marketing Specialist allowed me to work with clients to creatively solve their graphic needs but also manage and guide the company’s social media and marketing. 100k ideas gave me the experience I needed as a college student to take me further in my career. It was my stepping stone onto bigger things. If you are a young person looking for opportunities like me, apply for their fellowship program!

In the famous words of David Ollila, “Everyone has an idea. What’s yours?”

Apply for the 100k Ideas fellowship by March 31st. 

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