Bronwyn Lipka

Advertising Design Student, Communications Minor | College for Creative Studies

My story

I’m Bronwyn Lipka – a driven creative who loves problem solving. Whether it’s through motion graphics, UX design, or advertising campaigns, my goal is to help brands solve whatever challenge they may face. My goal is to use advertising to impact people in positive ways to help combat the negative stereotypes ads have.

how I got started

I chose advertising because it was a combination of all the things I already loved to do. Such as graphic design, photography, illustration, marketing, etc. I see advertising as a way to positively influence people.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

I love Detroit because of its work ethic and creativity. Big name cities find success easier, simply because they are big names. Detroit has to work harder and better for its successes. We have grit and strength that is taking us far.

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