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What to Do If You’re an Intern in Detroit: MoGo Around

Photo Credit: MoGo

While interning in Detroit is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience, bolster your resume, and network with industry professionals, it’s an even better opportunity to get out and explore the city around you. Whether you’re spending your summer in an office, outside, or working in some mix of both, taking a chance to see Detroit beyond your intern experience is essential…

…and MoGo’s here to help! Here are the top 5 places to bike this summer:

  • The Riverwalk (Four MoGo stations): Detroit’s Riverwalk has been ranked No. 1 by USA Today for each of the last two years and makes for a gorgeous bike ride. Grab a MoGo from the station behind the Renaissance Center, the one at Milliken State Park, the one across from Atwater Brewery, or the one at Mt. Elliott Park. You’re guaranteed to ride along miles of phenomenal views and fresh air.
  • Eastern Market (Two stations): Whether you’re someone who loves small businesses, big murals, or affordable produce, Eastern Market is a great place for a bike ride. MoGo has two stations – one at Russell and Wilkins and another at Russell and Gratiot – that make getting to and from the market super easy.
  • The Dequindre Cut (Two stations): Built for bikes, the Dequindre Cut is unlike any other place in the city. A two-mile stretch that replaced old train tracks, the Dequindre Cut is meant to be MoGo-ed. Stop at the Dequindre Cut Freight Yard along the way for yard games and drinks – there’s a MoGo station there for your convenience!
  • The Avenue of Fashion (Three stations): Beyond the Greater Downtown area – in Northwest Detroit – is the Avenue of Fashion, an historic stretch of Livernois between Seven Mile and Eight Mile. Recently renovated to include a dedicated bike lane, there are fantastic dinner spots, coffee shops, clothing stores, and so much more. Park and ride to any of MoGo’s three stations along the ‘Ave’ any day of the week!
  • Palmer Park (Three stations): Looking to go beyond the Greater Downtown area, but still want to stay within the nature of the city? Palmer Park is the place for you. With plenty of places to park and ride, a MoGo will get you through the entire Frederick Law Olmsted-designed Park (he also designed Central Park in New York City).

If none of these appeal to you, we’ve got some honorable mentions too:

  • The Downtown Parks: Campus Martius, Capitol Park, Spirit Plaza, Beacon Park, and Grand Circus Park
  • The neighborhoods: Corktown, West Village, New Center, Milwaukee Junction, and Midtown
  • Belle Isle: stations coming soon!

What is MoGo? MoGo is Metro Detroit’s non-profit bike share organization. With over 650 bikes and 75 stations across 6 cities, MoGo is here to get you where you need to go.

How does MoGo work? You can grab a MoGo from any station in our system using the Transit app or the kiosk at the station. When you’re done with your ride, dock the bike at any other MoGo station.

Written by Jeremy Rosenberg, MoGo

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