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How to Stand Out at Career Fairs

Let’s Detroit’s 2022 Back to Michigan Career Fair is next week! We asked some of our participating employers how candidates can stand out and be memorable at the event and for tips they have for candidates as they prepare to speak with prospective employers. Check out what they had to say below to better prepare yourself to stand out in a crowd at this event and others! 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

  • Find out what companies will be there, research them, and ask thoughtful questions about the business based on your research.  Candidates who have clearly taken the time to learn about the company are always memorable.  Also, once you find out what companies will be in attendance at the event, research the current job openings at the companies you have an interest in via the company careers page and or job boards. Doing so will help you learn more about the early career opportunities and the potential career paths that exist within specific companies.  
  • Ask the representative why they joined the company and why they’ve stayed.  

 Cooper Standard  

  • A strong handshake or elbow tap. 
  • Elevator speech to show what you can contribute to a potential employer. 
  • Confidence, energy, and professionalism. 
  • Dress for success!


  • Do your research on companies, especially your top choices. Knowing what the company has been doing, what products they are working on, any recent awards they received, etc. will help you connect and show that you are invested and interested in the company. 

 If you aren’t registered for the event yet, there is still time! Register now.

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