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Home for the Holidays? Tips for Landing Your Next Gig During Break

As a student, you already have a lot on your plate. Looking for a job or internship can feel like the last task you want to tackle. But with the extra time during the winter break, use it to your advantage and start the hunt for what is next in your life. Here are some tips to make the most of your holiday break and land your next gig.

Set up a Job Shadow

The holiday season is a busy time for a lot of companies and often there are gaps in schedules with people taking time off. This is a great time to lend a helping hand and learn more about the career field you are interested in. Start reaching out to people in your network or reach out to the organizations directly. Showing initiative and interest will set a great precedent for a job there.

Work Your Connections

Reach out to teachers, alumni networks, or start researching on LinkedIn. Share a little about yourself, your career interests, and your aspirations. Ask if they have any opportunities on the horizon or if they have any connections you could use. It is the season of giving, so ask them to give advice or any support they can offer. Make sure to always send a thank you for their time; after all, an old-fashioned letter goes a long way. You never know when they can help you in the future, even if they can’t now. Make sure you leave a lasting impact.

Ask Your Family

During the holiday break, you are probably going to see your family more than usual. Ask them if they have any contacts or jobs that are in line with what you want to pursue. You never know who is connected to who. Also, when reaching out cold, having a warm connection like a family member is a conversation starter.

Get Involved

This time of year offers so many opportunities to volunteer and give back. Volunteering is a great boost to your resume and offers a chance to stand out among other people. Make sure to get involved with something you are passionate about and can include in conversations with future employers.

Refresh Your Resume

Take this time to review and update your resume or get fresh eyes on it. Ask your family and friends to take a peek and share any changes they would make.

Search, the Old-Fashioned Way

With extra time on your hands, hunker down and start searching online. With websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google jobs, and Indeed, you can find ample opportunities to apply for.

Relax and Think

The holiday hustle and bustle is sure to keep you busy, so make sure to relax, read a book, or do something you love. With your mind relaxed, you never know what might come out of it, including a realization of what you want to do next in your career or education. Write down thoughts, plans, and aspirations in a binder or notebook you can reference for when you are in a rut or need some inspiration.

Written by Megan Lasley

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