Locations for Fun Photoshoots

Dallas McGhee-Henry

Hey All, I’m Dallas! When I’m not studying at the University of Michigan, I enjoy taking photos! Photography is a wonderful art to practice. It’s beautiful to catch little pieces of time or manipulate an experience to visualized something that the eye sometimes can’t even see.

I’ve been practicing photography for 3 years now and love all forms photography. I would say that I love portraiture and story telling photography the most though. It’s something about capturing people that I absolutely love. You really get to connect with a person when you are taking their photos. Personality is showcased perfectly in photos.

Storytelling pieces allow us as individuals to put together the pieces by examination. Such a joyous experience.

  • 1

    Heritage Park

    Heritage Park - Farmington Road, Farmington Hills MI

    Heritage Park has a variety a spots for all kinds of photography. They're are opportunities for nature photography through the nature trails. One can get great landscape shots at the scenic overlook and there are tons of places for beautiful portraits.

  • 2

    Eastern Market

    Eastern Market - Russell Street, Detroit MI

    This location has some of the most beautiful murals to pose a model in front of. Alone though, the murals are a piece of inspiring art. There is just a wide variety of beautiful murals in this section of Detroit.

  • 3

    Wayne State University

    Wayne State University - West Warren Avenue, Detroit MI

    Midtown Detroit has vast scenery for great city scape photos. Capturing great fast paced city photos in Detroit, Midtown is a great place to get a feel of some city essence.

  • 4

    Graffiti Alley

    Graffiti Alley - East Liberty Street, Ann Arbor MI

    If you are looking to take photos in a grunge, dirty, but creative location, Graffiti alley is the place. Graffiti Alley is just what it sound like, an alley filled with Graffiti tucked into the beautiful city of Ann Arbor.

  • 5

    Farmington Farmers Market

    Farmington Farmers Market - Grand River Avenue, Farmington MI

    This quaint pavilion may look small but has the potential to produce fun photos. Once the sun has set and the lighting comes on, the area is so photogenic.

  • 6

    Drake Sports Park

    Drake Sports Park - Drake Road, West Bloomfield Township MI

    If you are looking for an outdoor sports park to take good sporty photos. This spot is nice! Equip with a skate park, baseball diamonds, nature trails, open fields, and more, this location is loaded for photography options for your sporty needs.

  • 7

    Ford Field Park

    Ford Field Park - Griswold Street, Northville MI

    This area is extremely diverse. Walking into Downtown Northville, it feels like a different world. It so beautiful and looks so historic. Great vibe for nice photos.

  • 8

    Detroit Zoo

    Detroit Zoo - West 10 Mile Road, Royal Oak MI

    Of course a zoo would produce great photos for the animal lovers. Going at the Detroit Zoo in the afternoon gives great sights to great animals.

  • 9

    Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve

    Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve - West 10 Mile Road, Southfield MI

    This park is filled with beautiful locations. Not only are the nature trails great but the rock pile is astonishing. Another extremely diverse location!

  • 10

    Center Street Garage

    Center Street Garage - South Center Street, Royal Oak MI

    Downtown Royal Oak is hard to pin down by just one location. The area has so much to explore. Everywhere in Royal Oak is a great place to do a photo shoot, even the parking garages.

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