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Chloe Seymour

Hi, I’m Chloe! I’m the Programs Manager at Detroit Experience Factory – we’re a nonprofit experiential tour operator that has been showing people Detroit since 2006. My day job meshes really well with my overall passion (and constant need to talk about) my hometown of Detroit. I grew up on the west side of the city, and finished up middle school and high school in Traverse City, always knowing I wanted to get back here. I currently live in Corktown and continue to be fascinated with the ins-and-outs of Detroit every day.

I also operate my own pop-up vintage clothing store at community events across the city. I was so inspired by the mostly woman-owned vintaged retailers across Detroit, and continue to be a FREQUENT shopper in their incredible shops. I love how vintage clothing is a huge part of the retail culture in Detroit, and how there are so many treasures to discover.

  • 1

    Mama Coo's Boutique

    Mama Coo's Boutique - Trumbull Avenue, Detroit MI

    My all-time favorite shop, hands down. The staff is incredible and make you feel like family. I always walk out feeling like I've discovered a new treasure.

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    Flamingo Vintage

    Flamingo Vintage - Vernor Highway, Detroit MI

    I love their location in Southwest, they've done an amazing job fixing up a previously vacant space. Their selection is HUGE and affordable.

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    Regeneration New-Used Clothing

    Regeneration New-Used Clothing - Woodward Avenue, Pleasant Ridge MI

    When I venture outside of the city, this is a resale spot I always hit. Cute, affordable, and a really casual shopping experience.

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    Eldorado General Store

    Eldorado General Store - Michigan Avenue, Detroit MI

    An incredibly beautiful curated space right in my neighborhood. They have gems from all across the country hanging in their shop, always a treat to see what's inside.

  • 5

    Rat Queen Vintage

    Rat Queen Vintage - Joseph Campau Avenue, Hamtramck MI

    I used to live in Hamtramck and LOVED this little DIY spot right on the main drag.

  • 6

    The Velvet Tower

    The Velvet Tower - Farmer Street, Detroit MI

    For lovers of true vintage clothing, Velvet Tower is right for you. Their pieces can get into the higher $ range, but their selection is vast and beautiful. And, their downtown location is super cute to boot.

  • 7

    Tekla Vintage

    Tekla Vintage - Joseph Campau Avenue, Hamtramck MI

    Another Hamtramck gem, Tekla is actually owned by Hamtramck's current mayor. Their space is huge and right on Hamtramck's main street, with a great collection of jewelry.

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