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Jenny Orletski-Dehne

With the new year comes New Year’s resolutions, which almost always include a healthier lifestyle. But how or where do you start the journey?

I searched for years for the right gym to call home. I tried boxing, yoga, HIIT, cycling, you name it. Like most people, my journey started at a big box gym, which is great for many people, but if you aren’t comfortable with creating or following a workout plan then you can feel lost and a bit clueless in a gym like that. In the end, the overwhelming insecurity can make it difficult to follow your resolution. Trust me, I’ve been there.

If you really want to stick to your resolutions and commit to a healthier lifestyle, then you need to find a gym that’s best for you! A gym that makes you excited to work out, that holds you accountable, and that matches your personality. Below are suggestions from my years of hopping around to different gyms, as well as a few from friends who I’ve met through my fitness journey.

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    PURE MVMT - East 4th Street, Royal Oak MI

    1. PURE MVMT is a functional movement facility focused on delivering fitness through community and experience. Each class includes elements of conditioning, strength, and recovery with equipment such as rowers, boxes, torpedoes, barbells, medicine balls, to bands. There are also no mirrors in the studio so through proper guidance and instruction you really learn how to execute each movement and what it should feel like. With this, you prevent injury and can focus on improving and building strength. This is my home gym, so I highly recommend it! What really sold me are the people – all the members are friendly and supportive. Be prepared for lots of air high-fives!

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    Cycle Bar

    CYCLEBAR - North Main Street, Royal Oak MI

    Cycle Bar is a studio that offers low-impact/high-intensity indoor cycling classes. If you’ve never tried cycling, you’re missing out! With a killer playlist and inspiring instructors, you’ll be dancing and sweating on the bike in no time. Plus, cycling is great for all ages and body types. Cycle Bar is a franchise so there are locations all over the US, including two in Southeast Michigan – Royal Oak and Troy.

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    Jabs Gym

    Jabs Gym - Cole Street, Birmingham MI

    Jabs Gym is where I really started to get into fitness classes. It’s a boxing gym that offers high-intensity cardio classes, as well as strength/cross-training. The classes are dark and loud, and the workouts are intense so if you’re worried about people judging you, don’t be. Everyone is focused on themselves and can’t even see you. The instructors are watching though and will provide guidance and technique throughout the class. Truthfully, I don’t think I’ve ever been so sweaty leaving a class. Plus, there are locations in Birmingham and Detroit (Eastern Market).

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    The Barre Code

    The Barre Code Metro Detroit - Royal Oak - South Main Street, Royal Oak MI

    The Barre Code is an inclusive studio that promotes self-love and growth. They offer several types of classes including barre, bootcamp, and brawl. Barre is a low-impact, high-intensity workout technique inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. At the Barre Code, you’ll work on and off the “barre” to build strength and feel empowered. Even when I feel at my strongest, these classes can kick my butt! Check out the locations in Royal Oak, Birmingham, Rochester Hills, Northville, and Ann Arbor.

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    Yoga Shelter

    Yoga Shelter West Bloomfield - Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield Township MI

    Yoga Shelter is a yoga studio for everyone from beginners to experts. They have classes for every speed but don’t let “slow flow” fool you, it’s still tough. If part of your New Year’s resolution is to slow down and breathe in 2022, then you should definitely look into yoga. Yoga Shelter has several locations including Royal Oak, Southfield, West Bloomfield, and Grosse Pointe, which makes it easy to stick to your resolutions and find classes at the right time for your schedule. So, no excuses!

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    Citizen Yoga

    Citizen Yoga Detroit - Library Street, Detroit MI

    Citizen Yoga is another amazing yoga studio with locations in Royal Oak, Detroit, and Bloomfield. It has well-trained instructors to guide beginners and experts through each class. It has a strong focus on utilizing yoga teachings to empower individuals in physical movement, as well as movement toward mental wellness. Classes are challenging, but my body and mind always feel rejuvenated after class.

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    Reforming Foundations Pilates

    Reforming Foundations Pilates & Wellness - Twelve Mile Road, Berkley MI

    Reforming Foundations Pilates is on my must-try list for 2022! I have friends that swear by Pilates and love this studio. According to their website, Pilates is a method of alignment-based strength and conditioning that focuses on breathing techniques, controlled movement, learning to move from your center, creating a mind-body connection, and moving with precision and flow. This definitely sparks my interest! Plus, the studio offers one-on-one sessions, small group classes, and virtual classes.

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    Orangetheory Fitness

    Orangetheory Fitness - South Adams Road, Birmingham MI

    Orangetheory Fitness is a heart-rate-based HIIT group workout that’s designed to charge your metabolism for more caloric afterburn. If you like to run, this is the studio for you! They utilize treadmills, rowers, and free weights to deliver a full-body workout. With several locations including Detroit, Birmingham, Ann Arbor, Troy, Farmington Hills, Dearborn, and more, there’s a studio for everyone.

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