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Drone Integration Start-Up Airspace Link is Hiring to Build “Highways in the Sky”

Modern day drone delivery represents a bold leap into the future of technology, with tiny robots
delivering packages to your doorstep or food to your office. In the last 10 years, drone use has
evolved exponentially from mainly military or hobbyist use to daily package delivery. One rapidly
growing Detroit-based company is making its mark in the safe integration of drones into
everyday life: Airspace Link.

Airspace Link is a Detroit start-up that calls itself “the Google maps for drones.” Its work is
twofold: 1. Managing relationships with local and state governments to build the infrastructure
and establish regulations for recreational, licensed and commercial drones, and 2. Authorizing
flight pathways for logistics companies and drone manufacturers.

The drones that Airspace Link authorizes have many uses. “We’ve delivered COVID testing kits
in Syracuse, New York.” Said Michael Healander, President and CEO of Airspace Link. “Just a
few weeks ago we did an organ delivery in Ohio. Drones are faster, more cost-effective, and
use less fuel than delivery by helicopter or truck. Package delivery is the natural next step in
drone evolution.”

Airspace Link offers their services to 20 states outside of Michigan. Their recent completion of a
series A capital raise, the first step in fundraising for established businesses that allows them to
trade equity for working capital, has led to rapid growth for the company. Airspace Link’s access
to data for ground and air travel in a variety of locations is the main reason major investors Altos
Ventures and Thale decided to back the company, according to a recent press release. As
drone usage escalates for everyday and commercial use, access to these insights will be key to
safely integrating drones into the landscape.

Airspace Link is currently hiring for several positions in Detroit, with highly flexible remote work
options available. Roles span the gamut from product design to marketing and the company is
looking for individuals with highly specialized skill-sets to fill these positions. Moving packages
are available for candidates relocating from out of state, with the final intent being that all staff
live in metro Detroit. Airspace Link retains deep roots in the Motor City.

“Only United States-based companies are currently permitted to authorize drones for package
delivery.” Said Healander. “Metro Detroit has the manufacturing infrastructure we need, and it’s
far less expensive to live and work here than Silicon Valley or the other tech hubs.

“Detroit is in the process of positioning itself as ‘the Mobility City.’ The next step in that evolution
is to build awareness amongst tech talent that this is the place to set roots and build your

Sound like the right fit for you? View Airspace Link’s careers page for current openings or check
out the company website for more details.

By: Becky Harris

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