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DJ LostBoy on performing during Burning Man’s RemoteBurn


Blog by ambassador DJ Lostboy

From May 15-17, I participated in Burning Man’s virtual experience, RemoteBurn, with the Detroit group  Sonic Nations. The group was created by a few Detroit DJs and the show was everything you would expect from Burning Man in an audio online broadcast form. I performed a two-hour house set with very detailed track selections and fitting visuals of butterflies, flowers, and pastels colors. I engaged the audience with a wonderful variety of ambiance sounds and vocal samples creating an audio story throughout the set, titled The Broken Compass.

Broadcasting on Twitch, my set was filled with viewers posting heart and butterfly emojis as they danced to high energetic and bouncy chorus and jazz sampled house tracks. At many points during the set I would tell stories of tracks I found, what they meant to him, and little fun facts about songs and other interests I had while DJing. This experience was truly amazing. It honestly helped me showcase my style to so many people around the world that I may not have been able to reach otherwise and allowed me to brand the LostBoy name and message to a wider demographic audience. During the middle of my set I showcased unreleased music I produced while showcasing pages of my website ( in the background.

On the final day of the showcase, I closed with fellow DJs Qbert, Stacey Hot Waxx, and others with an equally amazing set, this time showing my range of musical influence from house, hip-hop, Trap, and R&B edits. While performing this set, I took moments to give shoutouts to people who’ve helped me such as OVDO Media for the stunning live feed and backgrounds, as well as musical friends such as BlaaqGold, Curtis Roach, and Whyondotte for giving me songs to edit.

I like to just do random sh*t and this is something I’ve been telling my friends to do for a while now. It sucks that it took a pandemic for people to see the value of online showcasing, but I am glad it’s picking up. As an extroverted introvert it made me happy seeing so many comments in the chat talking about how they were glad they “found me” and how they were showing me to their friends.  It was awesome knowing that for these three days during this event we were able to bring joy to people and help them find sanity during a chaotic time.

Listen to one of my tracks on SoundCloud. The Detroit line up for RemoteBurn was curated by We Found Hip Hop and included JESSICA CARE MOORE,  DJTJ THE KING, DJ DEZ ANDRES,  DJ STACEY “HOTWAXX” HALE, DJ DRU RUIZ, BRYCE DETROIT, DJ PROBLEMATIC BLACK HOTTIE,  AVA + SALAR ANSARI,  SASSI BLAQUE, and PILAR COTE.


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