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Auburn Hills

Auburn Hills is one of the fastest-growing suburban cities in Southeast Michigan, known for its 22 high-technology parks and world-renowned retail, entertainment, and manufacturing.

Great Lakes Crossing-Auburn Hills

Located 30 miles north of Detroit, Auburn Hills is one of the fastest-growing suburban cities in Southeast Michigan.

The city is a distinguished leader in the region, known not only for its 22 high-technology parks but also for having world-renowned retail, entertainment, and manufacturing. Home to more than 26,000 residents, it also serves as Michigan’s global business address, with 40 international corporations from 32 countries, including many world and North American headquarters.

Auburn Hills’ residents enjoy the amenities of city and suburban living with parks, a revitalized downtown district, and a welcoming city complex with a library and community center. Additionally, the city features Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, one of the state’s largest destination shopping centers, providing a variety of cultural, social and educational opportunities to residents, workers, and visitors.

Great Lakes Crossing-Auburn Hills

Downtown Auburn Hills is as beautiful as it is unique.  Located along the scenic Clinton River in Southeast Michigan, the area features brick-paved sidewalks and a riverside park, and is home to many community events, including SummerfestPaddlepalooza, Halloween Spooktacular, Summer Concert Music Series, and much more! It also features a variety of businesses and restaurants owned by community-minded business owners.

Paddlepalooza-Auburn Hills

With four different institutions, Auburn Hills is also a college town.  There are over 35,000 college students from Oakland University, Baker College, Cooley Law School, and Oakland Community College learning and spending time in the city.  New developments throughout Downtown are geared towards the growing student population. The DEN (Downtown Education Nook) is a place where students can come to study, research and socialize in a renovated historic cabin with modern amenities like free wi-fi and study desks/tables. It also doubles as a coworking space for freelancers and entrepreneurs during the day.

The Den-Auburn Hills

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