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College Student Perspective Regarding Online Learning this Semester


Wayne State currently offers a variety of class styles including but not limited to online and hybrid. For me, all my classes are online for the semester, with some of them requiring me to be online at a certain time and others I do not. So far, despite being all online, my classes that have a required meeting time have been full of interactions and valuable conversations, something that I was nervous we would be missing out on. Furthermore, all the professors have been extremely supportive of their students and the situation many are facing.

Personally, I enjoy this format for the most part. I live pretty far from campus, so not having to drive down to class has been positive. Additionally, I feel as though this set up allows for us all to learn to interact and network in ways we may not have been used to before, which I think is positive. However, there are definitely some challenges as well such as losing the in-person interaction, limited distractions in the classroom, and business events such as in-person career fairs and networking receptions. Looking forward to next summer, I am not sure there are too many things I would change. I honestly think Wayne State has done a very good job of setting up the online platforms and keeping students engaged despite not being on campus. Additionally, I think Wayne State has done a great job assisting their students with staying on track for graduation (May 21′ for me!) as well as ensuring the career and academic offices are still supporting students.

Written by Let’s Detroit Ambassador Noah Godlewski, Global Supply Chain Management Major,  

Mike Ilitch School of Business, Wayne State University 

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