Michael Wheeler

Consultant | Data Consulting Group (DCG)

Michael Wheeler
My story

I have been living my best life in Downtown Detroit since 2014. I studied economics at The University of Michigan (2012) and work for Data Consulting Group (DCG) as a Consultant specializing in complex system implementations for clients. Currently I am helping the City of Detroit’s Building, Safety Engineering, and Environment Department (BSEED) with their vision of implementing a virtually paperless digital workflow that will impact businesses, new and existing developments, and skilled tradespeople performing work in the City, to name a few. With all the development going on downtown and in the neighborhoods, it’s very exciting to see behind-the-scenes.. When I’m not working I have active roles at Detroit Young Professionals, the City of Detroit Income Tax Board of Review, the Boy Scouts of America SE Michigan Chapter Special Events Committee, and the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party. When they let me have a night off I enjoy playing volleyball, softball and kickball, socializing, and spending a disproportionate amount of my income on Detroit’s thriving restaurants and bars.

how I got started

My father started the company I work for 30 years ago. Growing up I was always intrigued with DCG because “consulting” can be such a nebulous term. In the last seven years I’ve had the chance to sharpen by definition of consulting by working on projects at BCBSM, BCN, DMC, Michigan Medicine, and City of Detroit.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

I always tell visitors that one of the best things about Southeast Michigan is that most of us are only three to four degrees away from virtually anyone in the area, even with a modest network. Because of that, I believe a motivated individual can accomplish more here, in less time, compared to other metropolitan areas.

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