Kyle Christensen

Business Design Lead D-FORD | Ford Motor Company

Kyle Christensen
My story

I’ve lived in the state of Michigan my entire life, but never saw myself working in the automotive industry. However, upon finishing my MBA at the University of Michigan, the auto industry that I had grown up with had been transformed.

how I got started

I started my mobility career on the Ford Fintech team, creating mobile app-enabled experiences to help employees and neighbors share vehicles. Later, I moved to the Digital Marketing team to develop marketing plans for Ford, working with local ad agencies, media vendors, and social networks. I currently work in Corporate Strategy, developing recommendations for the future of Ford and the auto/mobility industry.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

Southeast Michigan is a hub for mobility innovation.  The region has some of the best talent in the world when it comes to automotive design, engineering, and branding.  In recent years, other industries have grown to diversify the economy.  There is a certain kind of rust belt entrepreneurial spirit here that you can’t find anywhere else.


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