Jose L. Flores

Chief Executive Officer | Ancor Automotive

Jose L. Flores
My story

I am a business engineering professional working for Ancor Automotive. I grew up in a small town down in Texas. My creativity, problem solving and relentless driving has taken me to executive roles at a very young age. during my free time I enjoy running and doing outdoors activities such as camping. I came down to Detroit 5 years ago and just felt in love with the city. My objective is to inspire young professionals and retain talent in Detroit.

how I got started

I started in 2014 as a Trademark & Distribution analyst for an international company named British American Tobacco after spending almost 2 years I decided to travel around the world and got a job at London Consulting Group which took me to travel to more than 5 different countries and consult different type of businesses. After a couple of year at LCG I decided to settle down and got a job in an automation company here in Michigan, after joining this company I had a meteoric rise into senior roles which after 5 years and a lot of learning I was ready for a bigger challenge and then I decided to leave the company and took an offer as the CEO for Ancor Automotive.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

I love the vibe of Detroit, the diversity of people you meet and that everyone has a very interesting story of how they ended up in Detroit. The entertainment offer is just amazing, sports games, speakeasys, art exhibits you name it there is a place for everyone here at Detroit.

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