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Beyond Bosch: Stepping on the Gas with Green Hydrogen

Do you know about Hydrogen? Don’t feel out of the loop if you don’t. In the Beyond Bosch podcast “Stepping on the gas with green hydrogen,” Engineering Manager Matt Thorington explains that as battery electric vehicles are entering the market, the conversations around green energy solutions have been on battery technology. However, the weight of the batteries, the time required to charge, and the distance a vehicle can drive on a single charge is limiting for certain modes of transportation, such as semi-trucks. Hydrogen fuel cells can offer a solution to this dilemma and help achieve zero-emission or CO2 neutrality for many companies.  

Currently, 95% of hydrogen is made from coal or methane. So how is hydrogen fuel green energy? It’s all about the process of producing the hydrogen – electrolysis – that only leaves a byproduct of water. Per a Bosch blog post, “when it comes to green hydrogen, Bosch is stepping on the gas: in the interest of effective climate action, the company is planning not only to use this new fuel, but also to be one of the companies producing it.”  

If you want to learn more, listen to the podcast, subscribe, and read more on Bosch’s website 

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