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5 Reasons Why I Chose to Attend Western Michigan University to Study Theatre

Why attend Western Michigan University (WMU)? 

This was the question I had to ask myself before transferring over to WMU. With many other colleges and universities in Michigan, I wanted to make sure this one was the best for me. Here are the top five reasons why I chose – and continue to appreciate – being a student at WMU.  

Student Outcomes Within My Major (Theatre) 

Not only was I amazed by reading some of the feats alumni have accomplished since graduating with a degree in theatre from WMU, but I was also compelled to transfer based on the professional development opportunities I could access as a student here. I’m currently taking an online film acting class with a guest artist in Chicago featured on The Chi and a professional preparation class with a guest artist in L.A. I chose to transfer to WMU for opportunities like these, as I knew they would help me prepare for and get direct exposure to the industry before graduating. 

 Sense of Community 

There is a strong sense of community on the western side of Michigan, specifically in Kalamazoo. Whether on-campus or in the surrounding city off-campus, strangers will go out of their way to help you. Before transferring to WMU, I emailed professors, faculty, and staff with questions, and I received a timely response each time. (I consider that rare for someone who was not yet a student at the time.) I reached out to churches and community organizations that I was interested in joining before becoming a student and, because of that, I felt like there was already a community here looking out for me once I arrived. Overall, I would say that there’s a very supportive environment here and less of a competitive environment – and you can feel the difference.   

Student/Faculty Ratio is Pretty Low 

Unlike some of the larger schools in Michigan, WMU is a great size. It’s big enough that it’s impossible to know all students on campus, yet small enough that there are usually less than 25 (the max) students in most classes. WMU blends the university feel with a small-town vibe, and it’s a perfect balance. With the low student-to-faculty ratio, professors memorize your name pretty quickly and remember all types of things you tell them, including in general education classes. I was extremely shocked when my department chair knew who I was and could put a name to a face. Individualized attention is great for building a relationship with faculty. Plus, it’s nice always having someone to go to who will recognize your growth and will be easily accessible to respond to questions and concerns.  


The number of resources that are available to WMU students is INCREDIBLE. This ranges from the Invisible Need Project (an on-campus food pantry) to sustainable gardens and workshops, free professional LinkedIn headshots, and discounted rates on your passport. Many goods and services are located on our campus; you just have to find them! If you have a need, WMU probably has an answer! 

Nearby Gems 

There are so many great restaurants and things to do in Kalamazoo. From paint and sips hosted by the Black Arts and Cultural Center, a walk around the Kalamazoo Nature Center, and a trip to the Gilmore Car Museum where you can test drive a classic car for just a small donation, there is something for everyone. While you’re out enjoying activities as a student, you would be remiss not to stop by SweetWater Donuts, Crow’s Nest, University Roadhouse, NonLa Burger, or any of the unique eateries we have in this beautiful city of Kalamazoo.  

All of the above and more are reasons I’m glad to call WMU my home. If you took a trip here, I’m sure you’d see why. But no matter where you end up for college, make sure that it’s a place that checks off all of your needs. Since my tour (which I HIGHLY recommend before choosing a school), I have definitely found a second home.   

Written by Ejiro Enajero, Spring 2022 Campus Ambassador 

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