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Improve Your Social Life as You Work From Home by Joining Virtual Coworking Spaces Like Edit Party

Next month, we will officially be in the new year. January 2022. This means, the world will have been shut down to some extent due to the ongoing pandemic for almost two years. This time has been unique and has taught valuable lessons that will shape how the world operates, both today and in the future.  

One of the major lessons has been about the flexibility of work. Specifically, how many jobs can be done outside of the traditional office setting. While this isn’t a new topic, one new element of the conversation is about how individuals are adapting to the new virtual world by combining working alone at home with the social connection provided by a coworking space.  

One of those virtual coworking spaces is Edit Party. Created for creatives from across the world to connect, Edit Party is not new to the scene, but its popularity has been steadily increasing.  

According to its website, Edit Party was created “to simply give people the feeling of a communal workspace, but from home.”  

What’s interesting about virtual coworking spaces like Edit Party is how in the middle of the pandemic, many people were shying away from spaces like this as there was an overload of Teams and Zoom meetings. This shift to actively seeking virtual spaces to connect with others while also staying home is a welcome change. 

Also, what’s nice about Edit Party is that it is non-intrusive. It doesn’t make you talk to others to participate, which is nice for those who only want to feel like they are not alone but do not want or have time to socialize. When joining an Edit Party meeting, you microphone is muted so people can go about their workdays as normal without feeling like they have to participate in a conversation. Conversation only happens via the chatroom. 

Many of the creatives who participate in Edit Party are video editors, but anybody is welcome to join with Zoom access being the only prerequisite. The virtual coworking space is free to join.  

As a young professional who has been navigating the new working environment myself, I find Edit Party to be a great opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests and understand the type of work you do. No one day is the same as a creative. Sometimes you need to completely focus; other days, you want to socialize a little more to get inspiration. Edit Party provides that freedom to make your own decision about how you want to socialize while completing your work.   

Learn more about Edit Party and join a meeting at 

Written by Krishaun Burns, Let’s Detroit 


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