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What You Need to Know About Inauguration Day 2021

A tradition alive since 1937, inauguration day is here. This day is one that is not as celebrated as other American holidays, but I would contend that inauguration day is the pinnacle of Americanism. After a free and fair election that occurred in November, a peaceful transfer of power from political rivals is as representative of our democratic republic as Woodward is to Detroit. This January 20th is going to be a bit different than years past, given the global pandemic and the events that occurred on January 6th, but it is not any less important.

An event that typically sees around half a million attendees will be scaled down to something more socially distant and exclusive. Tickets to the outdoor swearing-in ceremony were reserved for those highest in the Democratic party and you will be seeing extreme measures of precautions to avoid a super-spreader event. Other attendees will include former Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton. Missing from this list is everyone’s favorite peanut farmer, President Carter, who at 96 will be taking a holiday on this inauguration out of an abundance of caution for his health. Another on the list of no-shows is of course the current president. President Trump has planned on being ‘elsewhere,’ wherever that may be. However, representing this chapter of American history, Vice President Mike Pence will be in attendance to hand over the keys to the White House.

Nonetheless, if you are like me and weren’t invited to the festivities, you can of course view the inauguration, virtual parade, and other celebrations on your favorite local station or streaming on C-SPAN. Key things to look for during the day would be the interaction between President Biden and Vice President Pence, any allusions to the future that President Biden makes in his inaugural address, and if Lady Gaga remembers the words to the national anthem.

Though the times don’t allow for in-person celebrations, do take this time to appreciate a change in the presidency and the end of political ads for at least a year.

Written by: Adamn Majestic

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