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What Does The New Infrastructure Package Entail?

As Washington seems to be lined with money, one of President Biden’s campaign promises was to pass
one of the most comprehensive infrastructure packages that we haven’t seen since the New Deal at the
end of the Great Depression. It’s easy to get caught up with the name, but infrastructure is much more
than just roads and bridges, it is how we are connected together as people and an economy. This
package, which is currently in negotiation, is rumored to be around $1 trillion – which requires
consensus both from the House and the equally split Senate. Below, I have broken down what this
money is going towards, and how it will benefit you over the coming years.


It is hard to argue that there is a more crucial segment of infrastructure than the internet, especially
with the shift to remote work and the new trend of hybrid work schedules. Any package that is signed
will have broad expansions to broadband internet access including physical cables connecting more
houses to the internet of things, 5G small cells on street posts to ensure that you have the fastest
possible internet on the go, and a never before seen network that will power the adoption of
autonomous vehicles and drones.


Detroit is the only major metropolitan area that does not have a comprehensive regional transit,
spending half the amount per capita on transit than all peer regions. This package would include funding for new lines and more busses, decreasing wait times and increasing accessibility to regional transit.


In Detroit, we know a thing or two about safe drinking water. A promise that President Biden has made
and is targeted to keep, is replacing all lead water lines with safe options that are not dangerous to
residential health now or in the future.

Roads and Bridges

Roads and bridges are the classic idea of what infrastructure is and will be the largest portion of
spending in any bill that comes out of Washington D.C. You can expect to see increased funding towards
local road projects that promote the replacement of some of our worst roads, as well as increased
inspections, repairs, and replacements of bridges.

Written by Let’s Detroit’s Adam Majestic.

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