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Transitioning Back to the Office After Starting Remotely? I Am, Too. Here’s My Experience at the Detroit Regional Chamber

Before applying to the Detroit Regional Chamber, I didn’t know much about the company.  When researching it before my first interview, I realized that it was a company I could see myself working long-term. I agreed with all the company stood for and was eager to get hired.

I applied for the digital marketing internship position in mid-December 2020 and was invited to an interview a couple of weeks later. A few days following my interview, I received a call from the Chamber with an offer for the digital marketing intern position. I was very happy and accepted the offer, but in the back of my mind, I was nervous—not just because I would be starting a new position, but because it would be remote.

I had an internship the summer before that was remote due to the pandemic, but I felt that I still wasn’t fully acclimated to working remotely. But the Chamber made the process easy. I started working remotely on Jan. 6, 2021, and the orientation process was as smooth as it could have been, given that we did it remotely. I can’t thank my team enough for making me feel welcomed and a part of the team from the very beginning. Sometimes when you’re working from home, it can be hard to make connections and easy to feel like you aren’t making any meaningful contributions, but that was not the case with the Chamber.  There were many resources at my disposal if I ever had any questions, and everyone was always willing to help when needed.

Fast forward seven months, and I am now the digital communications coordinator. I am enjoying every minute of working at the Chamber and with my team. Things are slowly starting to get back to normal, too. Fully vaccinated colleagues can now go into the office if they want, as part of phase one of the Chamber’s return-to-office plan. Given that the pandemic is not over, the Chamber continues to practice safety measures, and it is strategic about its approach to bringing colleagues back into the office full-time, which I appreciate. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to get back to being full-time in the office. Being remote can be convenient, but I like being in person and working closely with my coworkers, so I am excited about doing that.

I have had a great time with the Chamber since my start in January and am looking forward to growing with such a great company like them.

Written by Ryan Mazzola

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