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Top 5 Things to Know about Michigan Politics Post-Election

Well, it’s finally over. Most of the votes are counted and the winners have been announced. Surely you were as shocked as I was election night as we saw the highest voter turnout ever and some surprising results. A general summary of the election is there is a new guy in the White House, and that’s about it. Though the outcomes are not necessarily in line with expert predictions, our government needs to get back to work and address the pandemic at hand, as well as the poor economic state of the country. Here are my top five things to know about the results of this election:

  1. Politically, Michigan hasn’t changed much since 2016. This was by far the most shocking result to me on election night; we have a Democratic governor who’s approval rating is double digits higher than President Trump’s, was in the top three contenders for Joe Biden’s vice presidency, and still failed to swing more voters into a Democratic direction.
  2. Michigan’s Congressional delegation is unchanged, as is the Democratic control of the House. Though there are two new faces as Representatives in Congress, Michigan still has seven Democrats and seven Republicans representing our state in DC.
  3. Senator Gary Peters won his second term. Senator Peters is a reliably bipartisan figure who has been a staple to the region through his decades of political experience. He has continued to create jobs in Michigan while also fighting for the environment, veteran services, and reducing the costs of healthcare.
  4. The Michigan House of Representatives is unchanged, with both parties maintaining their number of seats. With a new Speaker of the House and new Democratic leadership, Michiganders can hope for more collaboration between the branches of government.
  5. The Michigan Supreme Court is now in Democratic control. Elizabeth Welch’s victory means that women will make up a majority of justices on the high court. It is the first time in 10 years that Democrats will have the majority on the court.

Written by Let’s Detroit Adam Majestic 

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