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Southwest Detroit’s Poem by Shalma Torres

Photo Credit: The Neighborhoods

Growing up in front of Patton Park in Southwest Detroit has been an absolute joy. Not only is my city unique to me because of the many colorful murals all over, but it also has the famous street, West Vernor Highway. Patton Park is also where you can find my favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Altos, which has been around for a long time and has special meaning to me because my parents met there. 

 The Cinco de Mayo Parade is a big celebration in Southwest Detroit on West Vernor Highway. I remember the adventure-filled days I would have there with my neighborhood friends as a child, watching the parade, singing, dancing, and picking up candies thrown from the cars. 

The street of Vernor is also very historic because of the many protests that have taken place here. My city is an absolute joy because of the kindness and courage of not only my neighbors but of strangers as well. If you ever come to Southwest Detroit, make sure you come for the Cinco de Mayo Parade, stop for a delicious meal at Los Altos, and make a kind and courageous friend!  

Southwest Detroit’s Poem

My neighborhood in Southwest Detroit is  

filled with family all around and 

beautiful memories on every inch of Earth’s ground.  

All of Vernor to Patton Park, 

shines so brightly, even in the dark.  

Now my neighbors although we’ve grown apart, 

would not hesitate to offer us all of their heart. 

As the sun sets in front of our house, 

we relive the trampoline times when we would triumphantly bounce. 

It takes a village to raise a child, 

would have no better place than in 

my neighborhood 

Southwest Detroit. 

Written by Shalma Torres, Let’s Detroit Spring 2022 Campus Ambassador

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