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Meet Our New Campus Ambassadors!

Let’s Detroit is excited to welcome our new cohort of Campus Ambassadors who will help connect more regional college students to the Let’s Detroit networking and community building resources. Our Campus Ambassadors are talented young people who are passionate about making an impact in our region!  

Ten current college students representing six regional institutions will work remotely to engage their friends and classmates with the Let’s Detroit website, social media and texting platform. Each campus ambassador will create content for Let’s Detroit in the form of blogs about their career goals,  internships, and their neighborhoods, favorites lists about the things they like to do outside of school, social media posts about how to use Let’s Detroit, and curate online events October through December.  Click on each name to learn more and connect!

Duaa Ballout is studying public health and Arabic at Wayne State University and plans to become a physician. “I selected my major carefully after looking through the options because this major gives me the opportunity to learn about the health disparities in the system and how this affects communities of color. 

Amanda Bastien is studying public relations and business at Wayne State University and wants to run her own business or nonprofit. When I fell in love with Detroit, I changed my entire careepath, reinvented myself into a Detroit enthusiast, and I look forward to growing my network in this incredible city. 

Daryl Beatty is studying psychology and African American studies at Eastern Michigan University and wants to become a behavioral psychologist. I want to build my career in psychology here because I am a firm believer in doing work that needs to be done within your community before going to others.” 

Kamali Clora is studying public health at Wayne State University and wants to become a healthcare administrator. I chose to be a public health major because of my aspirations toward eliminating health disparities and inequity in marginalized communities. 

Jennifer Fent is studying public relations and communications at University of Michigan Dearborn and looks forward to working at a PR or marketing firm after graduation.  Learning to choose a major based on my passion has led me to a road full of endless opportunities.” 

Mackenzie Hewitt is studying art, design, and sociology at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and works at ProsperUS Detroit. “I found I not only wanted my art to address social issues, but also work to change them. 

Yasmine Maarouf is studying public health at Wayne State University and is a youth representative for Detroit’s UNICEF USA team. Combining my love for childcare and medicine along with my culture, public health seemed to be a perfect fit for pursuing a further career in medicine. 

Raynisha Pannell is studying business at Eastern Michigan University and plans to be an entrepreneur. I have always dreamed of owning my own businessbeing able to provide jobs for individuals and offer a service/good to them that they truly desire or need. 

Makayla Sears is studying kinesiology at Henry Ford College and is interested in becoming a physical therapist or athletic therapist. I’m in love with the idea of being able to physically work with patients through recovery and watch them succeed. 

Preston Welborne is studying cinematic arts at Oakland Community College and enjoys audio engineering in his spare time. I feel that I have history to add to the books before my story is over, and Detroit is the place that empowers me to continue moving forward and continue giving back to my community. 

We’re excited for you to get to know our Campus Ambassadors this semester!  

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