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How to Handle Quarantine as A Creative

Blog post by Campus Ambassador Romney Funderberg

For most of us, being in quarantine means being trapped in the house away from our places of work, family, shopping, and other important areas. But for some artists it means not having access to a studio, meaning we can’t create as many projects as we’d like to. Times like these can be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of all the time you have to yourself, rather than feeling uninspired during a time of uncertainty. As my dad says, “Preparation is never lost time” so use it to the best of your ability and be productive rather than just binging shows all day.

Finish Old Projects

As a creative, I always have new ideas coming up, which leads me to abandon older projects that I have lost interest in, or just haven’t had the time to finish. Usually, it’s a good idea to step away from projects after a while rather than working on them from start to finish nonstop, so now is the perfect time to continue older projects!

Come Up With New Ideas

Though it may be hard for some people, creativity can strike at any moment. And when it does, try not to ignore them, because ideas can come and go in a flash. I’ve had instances where I’ve woken up at 3:00 am to jot down an idea I had in a dream because I knew I would forget it by the morning. Take a walk and get some fresh air to clear your mind. Find inspiration in the things that you’re watching and incorporate those ideas into some of you. As the saying goes “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”

Find New Talents/ Pursue Old Ones

With more time on our hands, we have more time to pursue old talents that we may not have had time for previous to the pandemic. Whether it be playing an instrument, dancing, painting, or something else, see if that same passion is still there. If there is anything you’ve been trying to do but couldn’t, now is the time to do that too!

Create a Business Plan

If you plan on selling your art, whether it be full time, or just as a side gig. It’s important you have an overall plan before you put your work out in the public. Invest in an LLC, so you can have some form of ownership over your products. Also, figure out the money aspect as well. How much will prints cost? How much will I actually profit if I sell them for that much? What if things don’t sell well as I thought? But, before you do any of these things, make sure you have a wide enough audience that you can reach and that will be interested in what you have to offer, because you don’t want to spend money just to see that no one is willing to help you make back that profit. Look at all the ins and outs and see if selling your work is the right move for you.

I hope my advice can be somewhat helpful to you if you’re struggling to get ideas out. In the meantime, stay home, and stay safe.

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