Chaz Ortega aka LostBoy

I’m a DJ so I have to know where all the parties are, LOL. But seriously, I’ve been involved with the night scene for a while so I know who’s setting up parties, or I’m the one putting them on.

I love how easy it is to network in the nightlife scene. People are chill and want to help each other out.

  • 1

    Bleu Detroit

    Bleu Detroit - Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI

    It’s an awesome venue and have a lot of themed nights so you have to pay attention to who’s running the show.

  • 2

    The Grasshopper Underground

    The Grasshopper Underground - Woodward Avenue, Ferndale MI

    Grasshopper is a nice spot for EDM, Trap Music and House. I always have fun when I’m there.

  • 3


    Elektricity - South Saginaw Street, Pontiac MI

    This place is always awesome! They have indoor and outdoor stages and are always doing something random.

  • 4

    Vogue Nightclub

    Vogue Nightclub - South Saginaw Street, Pontiac MI

    I have a story for this spot but I can’t tell it … But this place if fun if you go with friends and can also be a cool chill spot.

  • 5

    The Crofoot

    The Crofoot - South Saginaw Street, Pontiac MI

    I like this spot because I discover a lot of bands here. During the summer, Wednesdays and Fridays are the best days to go.

  • 6

    Necto Nightclub

    Necto Nightclub - East Liberty Street, Ann Arbor MI

    Nice mix of music to get people to dance.

  • 7

    El Club

    El Club - Vernor Highway, Detroit MI

    El Club is something you have to check out – they do a lot and sometimes it’s a chill art show and other days it’s an actual banger.

  • 8

    Deluxx Fluxx

    Deluxx Fluxx - Library Street, Detroit MI

    I just recently went there and it was awesome. Hoping do DJ here soon!

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