Ashley Williams

I am expert on topics relating to Millennials because I have studied my generation heavily for years via tons of articles, surveys conducted via RIZZARR, interviewing Millennials, and more… not to mention I am a Millennial 🙂

I just really believe in our generation and the impact that we can have! I just want to push past all of the negative things people think about us and show that we all are none of that. We aspire to change the world and to make a difference… to leave the world better than we found it.

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    O.W.L. - Woodward Avenue, Royal Oak MI

    I love this venue because they always have outstanding food and it's very tasty! The atmosphere is also very good, mellow, and just a great relaxing spot!

  • 2

    Kresge Court

    Kresge Court - Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI

    This spot is just so beautiful and peaceful. I love going here for lunch or just to take a break from everything. Very serene!

  • 3

    Motown Museum

    Motown Museum - West Grand Boulevard, Detroit MI

    This museum always inspires and motivates to keep going.... to keep believing in what's possible and to never give up on the vision inside of you.!

  • 4

    Detroit Institute of Arts

    Detroit Institute of Arts - Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI

    Love art! This place just always makes me feel happy and inspired. Also, great to just decompress and to do some deep thinking.

  • 5

    Baker's Keyboard Lounge

    Baker's Keyboard Lounge - Livernois Avenue, Detroit MI

    If you want some great jazz music and a fun spot to chill, this is it!! Good food and ambience too!!

  • 6

    Cliff Bell's

    Cliff Bell's - Park Avenue, Detroit MI

    Love love as well! Love my jazz clubs - always!! Great venue and iconic!

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