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Mining Your Brand DNA to Uncover Stories to Power Your Marketing

July 17, 2019 at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Marketing today is mostly left brain. Brands believe the secret to a sale is to logically convince a shopper to buy their product. This left-brain approach creates a category white noise often ignored by shoppers. So, how can a brand breakthrough the white noise?

The answer is powerfully simple: mine brand stories to create emotional connections with potential customers.

The reality is people buy based on emotional connections. In other words, a brand needs to market to the right brain by uncovering and sharing memorable stories in order to break through the category white noise. In this session we will discuss how to break through the category white noise in three simple steps. The first is audit the left-brain, the white noise in your category. Secondly, we will discuss different methods to uncover your brand story. And finally, we will reveal an approach on how to link brand stories with a person’s desires.

Facilitator: Eric Bowe, Author, Head of Strategy, Rebuild Group

Eric Bowe has helped clients develop marketing communication programs in a rapidly evolving marketplace over the past two decades. His passion is to uncover what makes shoppers tick and design brand experiences to convert shoppers to buyers. For the past decade, he has actively researched shopper behavior in multiple product categories. Eric’s research uncovered something provocative – we all have primal motivations driving our purchase decisions. These motivations predict how shoppers act within the marketplace and is the subject of his book Primal Shopper. Eric derived shopper principles from the research to create effective marketing for clients. Over his career, Eric has worked with wide-array of brands in automotive, travel, retail, restaurant, financial, and healthcare. You can connect with Eric at where he has a regular podcast based on the content of his book.

Key Takeaways for Participants:

• Understanding the concepts of left-brain marketing and how to do a left-brain audit.

• Different methods used to uncover your brand story.

• How to pinpoint stories that connect to desires of potential customer.


Bamboo Detroit
1420 Washington Boulevard, #301
Detroit, MI 48226 United States


Bamboo Detroit
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