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Doing Photography During a Quarantine

Blog Post by Let’s Detroit Campus Ambassador Dallas McGhee-Henry

Given the Global condition of the world, it seems that a lot of things have rather been postponed, put on a hiatus, or moved to alternate forms that keeps people relatively at a distance from each other. Depending on your medium of photography, this can help or hinder you. But even with these hindrances, there are alternatives.

I myself am a portrait photographer. I love taking photos of people. A person is just so mysterious, and each model brings something new to the table. Given the fact that I have to now social distance, models are limited. Everyone has a different situation at their places of residence in regard to models. Family members and roommates make perfect models and while you are stuck in the house, might as well use them. Now, I understand that some people live alone, or they may live with people who would rather not. In these cases, be your own model!

In your downtime, grab your camera and your models (or yourself) and make your home your creative playground. Try some of these fun ideas!

  1. Blank wall backdrop- A blank wall can make an excellent backdrop for simple photos or headshots. I tend to closeups on blank wall out of personal preference but if you choose to do different shots, keep in mind the ceiling and floor.
  2. Textured wall backdrop- these will also work if you want to add character. A brick wall, woodgrain, tile, and even wallpaper can add some character to the person in which you are photographing.
  3. Interesting lighting- if you have a lamp and some that has a lamp shade. Take the lamp shade off and add things around the house to add interesting lighting. This also works with a flashlight if you have a photo assistant to hold it for you. Listed below are somethings you can use as for interesting light.
    • Strainer, cheese grater, or anything with hole over a light source will add a different and fun style to your photo.
    • Plastic bags over a light source is a great diffuser, especially a brown plastic bag. It might dim the light, so adjust setting accordingly. Note: this is great for flash photography.
    • Transparent objects with a design like some class cups, vases or even stained glass, makes for interesting light effects.
    • Candle light at night to light a scene is beautiful and can be striking.

There are boundless ways to explore with photography while in the house. You can make story sequences or be goofy and take some fun shots. Your mind is your limit and if time allow, explore those parts of your mind. For more inspiration, YouTube can be amazing place to see demos and ideas such as the video from the link below.

Here is what I came up with one day!

So don’t be too gloomed these days. Let art live and keep the creative juices flowing!

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