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Detroit Kite Festival Launches 2020 Online Kite Shop

The annual Detroit Kite Festival launched their new online kite shop in May in anticipation of what the summer might bring regarding hosting the in-person festival for the fourth year on Belle Isle. While the team continues to assess alternatives like a decentralized festival, you can support by purchasing a kite from the Little Kite Shop. The Detroit Kite Festival is committed to radical inclusion, shared healing, communal play, and the celebration of culture and history. Read more about the role kite flying plays in cultures all over the world and the values reflected in the festival here.

“Launching a kite shop to help us get past the fundraising finish line is great, but we’re even more excited to be able to donate kites and let people ‘pay it forward’ so to speak, so those who would like a kite this summer can get one. In the shop you’ll find a donate-a-kite option. The kite shop also helps us plan for a tenuous and uncertain year, and still allows for us to directly serve and be true to our mission”. – Margo Dalal, Detroit Kite Festival™ Team

The response and attendance from last year was so overwhelming that they ended up completely selling out of kites. This year, they decided to let residents of Metro-Detroit, and even folks around the country, have pre-fest access to their inventory for three reasons:

  1. They love it when others love to fly kites, so getting kites in advance is even better.
  2. They have a small fundraising gap to fill as they plan and prepare for the 2020 event.
  3. The ongoing health crises in the community has shown that in addition to important essentials people still need access to nature, recreation, and joy.

Join Let’s Detroit Ambassador and Detroit Kite Festival founder, Margo Dalal, in spreading the word about the kite shop, purchasing your kites, and supporting efforts to uplift culture and community this summer.


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