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Creative Jobs in the Professional Services Industry

Professional services help individuals and companies improve themselves and their offerings through offerings like accounting, legal assistance, and project management. While many people might find this type of work boring, there is a vast amount of jobs available in the professional service field that are great for people who want a creative outlet.

There are marketers, graphic designers, and even car painters, all of which hold entry-level to senior-level positions. These jobs are great for people who would describe themselves as creative, sociable, and natural leaders. This guide will give you an idea of what kinds of careers are available for you in the professional service industry, regardless of your educational background.

Marketing Roles

Marketing is a vast field; from research and analytics to paid advertising and events, marketing professionals help to promote not only the products but can guide the advertising strategy and recreate the image and brand of a company or individual. Whether you are interested in social media management, research, graphic design, or strategic communication, plenty of opportunities are available with a variety of educational requirements.

Creative Account Coordinator

A creative account coordinator is responsible for the development and execution of all the individual client packaging initiatives and for ensuring all outputs follow the strategy. People in this field need strong analytical skills, prioritization, problem-solving, budgeting, and project management skills. This career is great for individuals who enjoy working with numbers and leading a team.

Creative Director

As a creative director, you will oversee the creative programs to develop and document solutions for various projects. Those in this role are often well versed in user-friendly design methods and techniques, including Photoshop, InDesign, and other design-focused programs. Individuals should also have knowledge of best design practices, interactive development, copywriting, and content strategy. In this field, you will play a key role in shaping new opportunities and expanding current client relationships.

Graphic Designer

This job is fun, engaging, informative, and action-oriented. Individuals in this field should be fluent in Adobe products, such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. A graphic designer will follow project briefs, develop, and design a variety of print and digital projects and meet deadlines. If you dream of designing a company’s digital and print materials, logos, and more, then this is the job for you.

Production Designer

This job requires you to be highly organized, detail-oriented, and adaptable. The production designer serves an important role in graphic design projects while providing additional support to the graphics teams. Their primary responsibility is to assist in the facilitation and coordination of the production and proofing phase for projects and assist in managing content deliverables.

Layout Artist

The job involves designing and executing product graphics. The layout artist often works directly with the graphic design team to ideate and execute product graphics. They also help the creative concept process of the product. If you have an interest in business and art, this is a great role to look into.

Auto Painter

You don’t need to have an engineering degree for every job in the automotive industry. In fact, there are multiple opportunities available at a variety of education levels. One type of job is an auto paint technician. This role handles custom paint jobs for vehicles, often painting new vehicles in manufacturing plants, creating intricate custom designs, or reapplying paint and finishes after collision and body repairs. The options are endless! (Here are eight non-engineer jobs in the automotive industry.)

Jingle Singer

Whether it’s McDonald’s, Kit Kat, or State Farm, there’s one thing they all have in common… a jingle! There are many ways you can contribute to a company’s brand by creating and singing jingles, such as positions in orchestras, choruses, bands, and more. If music is your passion, this is a terrific way to get your voice heard for both big and small brands.


Marketing and advertising are similar in nature but have key differences in the types of roles offered. Advertisers exercise promotion of a company and its products or services through paid channels but marketers identify customer needs and determine how best to meet those needs. Responsible for overseeing the different advertising projects and activities to reach customers, advertising duties include setting goals for carrying out an advertising campaign, supervising creatives such as graphic designers and content writers, and collecting data on customer reach. This career is a great combination of research and creativity.

Slogan Writer

Slogan writers create content to reach and appeal to their target audiences. This field does not require individuals to be professional writers; all you need is to create a catchy slogan people will remember. This job requires you to have a great understanding of your product and target market.

If you’re a creative individual who wants to find your place in business, check out these possible careers. There are plenty of opportunities for every skill and education level. Check out the Let’s Detroit job board to find your next opportunity in Detroit’s thriving professional service industry. It is updated daily with positions from top employers in the region.

Written by Ainsley King

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