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Casamara Club: Detroit’s First Leisure Soda

Casamara Club Sodas

If you’re a fan of La Croix, San Pellegrino or any other sparkling beverage, you have to try Casamara Club, a line of non-alcoholic, botanical beverages that are local to the Detroit region. With multiple flavors and growing popularity, these drinks are all the rage if you want a carbonated beverage without the sugar content found in a typical pop.

Daily Detroit’s Jer Staes and Sven Gustafson sat down with Jason LaValle, founder and president of Casamara Club, to discuss opening Detroit’s first “leisure soda” company and his experience as a startup in the region. Casamara Club was established in 2017 by just a few people, without the backing of major venture capital. The company recently expanded sales beyond the state, joining the ever-growing list of success stories from Southeast Michigan’s food and drink industry.

Listen to their conversation:

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