Shalma Torres

Let's Detroit Campus Ambassador - Spring 2022 | University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Shalma Torres
My story

My name is Shalma Torres and I am a first-year and first-generation student at the University of Michigan, where I am majoring in Environmental Studies. I grew up in Southwest Detroit, in Mexicantown. I intend to bring the knowledge I gain back to my community and continue the generational knowledge that is already amplifying in my city. 

how I got started

I entered Michigan unsure of what path to take, then soon, I fell in love with sustainability. Environmental justice is of interest to me because it combines political science and the environment. The effects climate change will have on minorities will be detrimental if we do not educate ourselves. 

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

I love working in Southwest Detroit because I enjoy giving back to the youth, especially at the Congress of Communities. Here I have the privilege of facilitating two programs; the Gardening Club and the Youth Community Organizing. There is much potential in the city of Detroit, and I am ready to work with the rest of my community to show the whole world.

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