Sarah Craft

Director of Detroit | Venture for America

My story

I got my start in Detroit almost a decade ago when I moved to Detroit to be a community organizer. Community organizing got me quickly and deeply connected to my community and I’ve spent my career doing community-change work with local, regional and statewide organizations.

how I got started

Community organizing got me quickly connected to a professional and social network. Leveraging that network throughout my professional career has helped me grow in the profession. Getting a masters degree in public administration also helped me move up within the profession, learn about local government, nonprofit leadership and community management.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

Detroit is full of people doing amazing things. It’s energizing to go to work every day and collaborate with people to care about the city, region and problems we face across the state. We’re really passionate and work really hard. Slowly, but surely, we’re collaborating to make positive changes in people’s lives and the region as a whole.

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