Preston Welborne

Cinematic Arts Major & Let's Detroit Campus Ambassador | Oakland Community College

My story

I am Preston Welborne, a Detroit native, finishing my Associate degree in Cinematic Arts at Oakland Community College, with plans to transfer in January to the University of Michigan to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Film, Television, and Media. Born into a family of Detroit community leaders, I grew up with a deep pride to make a difference in our community. My values embody my love for family, respecting diversity in every form, developing my personal and community work ethic, and creative talents through the arts. Detroit is full of people with grit, talent, and creative thought and abilities. Promoting Detroit is in my DNA and the Spirit of Detroit lies within us all. My passions and dreams are embedded in music, photography, working in film, commercial production, and behind the scenes. My dream is to become an entrepreneur, managing production teams as a consultant, writer, or producer for a variety of projects, touching people’s souls by connecting others and their diverse gifts, to the diverse arts in our communities.

how I got started

Detroit “produced” me. Growing up as early as age 7, I could always “see” a finished film or video in my mind. I could visualize characters and complete scenes. Having the ability to conceptualize early inspired me to start making films to entertain family and friends. My major, Cinematic Arts, expands my knowledge and real world expertise in film, television, and media productions. Groups I am involved with: Member/ Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Oakland Community College Union member, The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees – Michigan Local 38.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

My heart beats like a drum when I work in our City, because of the unique vibes I get from the people young and older, whether I am working or playing in Southeast Michigan. Working and living here has taught me that the arts bring people of different ages, races, religions, and cultures together: Different people, common ground!

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