Patricia Idema

Admissions Coordinator | Tech Elevator Detroit

Patricia Idema
My story

I always wanted to grow up to be an explorer, traipsing through the jungle and naming rare plants after myself. While I didn’t end up going down that path, I am an avid home gardener, and mother to 71 house plants (and 3 cats). I volunteer every weekend at a local propagation greenhouse and love learning more about botany and horticulture.

When I am not recklessly bonding with thorny bushes, I spend a great deal of time reading or working on writing my first novel.

how I got started

I grew up in Northern Michigan, and began my career in 2011 as an environmental microbiologist. While I had a successful career in the air and water quality industries, I eventually started looking for something more fulfilling. That led me to Tech Elevator, where we strive to elevate people, companies, and communities.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

Coming from up North, I had very little access to entertainment, or diverse perspectives. My favorite thing about moving to SE Michigan is that every mile road is a whole new microcosm of interesting people and things to see or do. Plus, I feel like I am really part of a city that has a story to tell.

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