Noah Godlewski

Global Supply Chain Management Student | Wayne State University

Noah Godlewski
My story

To start, I am from a small town, Richmond, MI however I grew up in Centerline, and you can find me just about anywhere in the Tri-county area! Whether its discovering some cool pieces of nature, or walking down Woodward in awe of the sights of Detroit, I am always on the go! I also attend school in Detroit, where I study Global Supply Chain Management at Wayne State University. Having Wayne States campus right in the heart of Detroit was definitely the final “check in the box” for me to enroll there. I absolutely live that I am able to walk out of school and within five minute I can be anywhere in the downtown area!

how I got started

I chose global supply chain management, because I felt it was the perfect degree for working in my dream industry, automotive. I am currently in my 3rd internship in automotive, including one with my dream company General Motors!

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

What I love about Detroit is the diversity. Although I love the diversity within our population, I believe it goes deeper than that! I absolutely love that in one aspect of the area we have for a lack of a better term farm country, yet on the other end we have a growing down town area! I also truly love the growth of our City, and watching the transformation of Detroit!

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