Michelle Cheng

Team Lead - Sr Software Engineer | Bosch

Michelle Cheng
My story

Hi, I am Michelle and I’m a Team Lead for one of the software teams at Bosch Automotive Steering. As an engineer, working on technology that can make a positive impact on people’s lives brings so much joy and fulfillment to me, which resonates with Bosch’s motto: Invented for life. I love engineering, software and coaching my team. I’m also very passionate about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and I am on the board of Women@Bosch and Asians@Bosch Business Resource Groups (BRG).

In my spare time I love playing board games and working on some projects (electronic, software, house etc.). Also a big fan of Harry Potter and Marvel stuff. (Yes I am a very handy nerd, like most engineers :D.) Picked up badminton last year and have been playing weekly for close to a year now. I also have a cat, and love wandering around in cities.

how I got started

I graduated from Northwestern University (GO CATS!) with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering (control & signal processing focus). DENSO came to my school’s career fair, interviewed and offered me my very first full-time job. I joined DENSO in 2014, then later joined Bosch in 2016. The first 8 years of my career I was working on radar ADAS function development. This year I moved to Bosch Automotive Steering as a Team Lead for the software team.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

Auto industry is here! This brings people all over the world here. I enjoy the diverse culture, and the distinct four seasons (even though I wish fall stays longer and winter is shorter :)).

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