Malik Stroughter

Mechanical Engineering Student | University of Michigan Dearborn

Malik Stroughter
My story

Im a Detroit artist in my spare time. I chose U of M Dearborn because they offered a great scholarship and have a great engineering program.

how I got started

I’ve always liked to make things from pieces of art to robotic arms, to making food. An engineering degree would help me to become a better creative, and likely better paid one at that. I’m interested in making realistic prosthetic limbs and may be doing computer aided design in a construction internship this summer.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

I love all of the creatives and creative projects going on here. I went to a monster drawing rally at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Detroit (MOCAD) recently and it made me happy to see hundreds of artists and admirers, drawing and admiring each other.

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