Malik Amir Mix

Founder, Chairman of the Board | Our Young Leaders Foundation

My story

My name is Malik Amir Mix, I am a current Senior Marketing major at Michigan State University. During my Junior year of studies, I founded a nonprofit organization entitled Our Young Leaders Foundation. As a Detroit Native and graduate of University Prep Schools, I felt as if it was my duty to honor those that came before me through philanthropy. OYLF is a family tribute, paying homage to my grandparents, who were activists and instrumental during the Detroit Riots. In addition, I have found it my duty to help myself by helping others. To be able “to learn and grow together” has become the mission of my life and has allowed me to build a Board of Directors, consisting of 10 dynamic change agents (majority being Detroit Natives). Overall, I am a protector, student, and teacher, I value generous listening and feedback, and love helping others identify their purpose.

how I got started

Being a first-generation student was never an “excuse” to not seek growth as a leader. I didn’t want to be condensed to a title because of my profession choice. I reflected on my grandparents’ journey and became inspired to narrate a new chapter of my life. As a result, philanthropy became my life! I could do my part, locally.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

Being from Detroit and working all over the area, I love the culture upheld by Detroiters. Being exposed to people from all over the globe, the term “Waddup Doe” becomes a fabric of home. This same culture is inspiring in the narrative that is at work for people from all walks of life. It is how I gained my Detroit-grind.

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