Mackenzie Hewitt

Art and Design and Sociology Major with a Law, Justice, and Social Change Sub-Major & Let’s Detroit Campus Ambassador | University of Michigan

My story

I’m Mackenzie Hewitt, a multimedia artist with a passion for social change. I am currently an undergraduate in my fourth year at the University of Michigan, studying Art and Design and Sociology. I am also the Social Media Coordinator for ProsperUS Detroit. During my time on campus, I enjoy leading the University of Michigan Women’s Ice Hockey team as an Alternate Captain and spending time in downtown Ann Arbor.

In the future, I aim to use my art as a vehicle for social change through mutual collaboration with community members. My goals include practicing socially engaged art using digital art, multimedia production, and other art forms, and I hope to collectively design resources or products to meet community needs. Ultimately, I aspire to combine my socially engaged art with policy advocacy on issues of gender, criminal justice reform, and other systemic injustices, to implement broad-level change.

how I got started

After enrolling at the University of Michigan to pursue Art and Design, I discovered my passion for social justice—finding I not only wanted my art to address social issues but also to work to change them. This shift led me to adopt a dual major in Sociology, with a Law, Justice, and Social Change sub-major.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

Once my sociological coursework exposed me to Detroit’s deep-rooted social justice issues I became passionate about working in Detroit to address injustice. I love attending school in the Detroit region because of the connections I’ve retained with Detroit. I wish to build my career here to continue the efforts I’ve begun to work toward change in the city.

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