Kahari King

Owner CEO | Gnik Digital

Kahari King
My story

I love creating content. My whole life I’ve been creating videos. Ever since I graduated high school in 2016 I’ve been creating videos for business. I love what I do and work every day. If I’m not working I’m probably sharpening my saw. Reading books, studying personal development, or networking. I’m all about positive energy and going after your dreams.

how I got started

Ever since middle school, I fell in love with creating videos. Production class was my favorite and the only one I got a B in. I’ve always been fascinated with watching youtube videos and wanted to be like the stars. So, I started creating my own videos. Every day I would create something whether it’s music, videos, etc. I had to be creating. Eventually, I stumbled into the Personal development industry and starting creating videos for speakers.

What I love most about working in Southeast Michigan

I love that we have four seasons in Michigan. It allows you to execute different creative ideas. Michigan has a lot of lakes too which is cool. You can really showcase many different types of lifestyles in Michigan, from city, rural, nature, etc.

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